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Try Rank Synergy, a 100% Managed SEO Solution Designed For Agencies & Marketers, to Rank Websites Safely

Detailed Audits

We perform detailed audits on your site to make sure that your site's technical foundation is in good shape before any links are built

360° Ranking Strategy

Our SEO strategy consists of professional technical SEO combined with a multi-pronged link building strategy that works!

Transparent Reporting

We pride ourselves in offering detailed link reports for your campaigns. We also provide white-label reporting for agencies.

Why Rank Synergy?

Our Rank Synergy Service is a carefully designed & proven ranking system developed specific to dominate top results in Google & other search engines.

We deliver results, when 99% of your general run-of-the-mill link building solutions fail.

Our SEO Blueprint

We rely on 6 core strategies to analyse, plan, design and execute each SEO campaign we work on.

Technical SEO Audits

Every campaign starts with a series of audits on your website through which we find out the current state of your website’s technical SEO elements and how well the target page is optimized to rank in Google.

Competitor Analysis

We take a detailed look at your top 5 competitors; study their anchor profile to understand how these top ranking sites have setup their anchor ratios. We also look at their link sources to replicate.

Niche Relevant Links

High quality backlinks are the blood veins of a good SEO strategy. These 100% white-hat guest posts will help you build a strong base around your target keywords giving you great rank gains.

Dedicated Blogs & Pumper Sites

We will then build dedicated private blogs and multi-page pumper sites that look more like meaty mini sites to get you more link value and ranking power from these properties. We build these out like we build real websites.

Permanent Homepage Links

High quality backlinks placed contextually within the home pages of good sites is an excellent ranking technique to extract maximum link juice quickly and effectively. The Rank Synergy service will get you exactly that for your websites.

Our Ultra Diversity Module

As you’d already know, for any website to attain stable SERP ranking, it’s extremely important to have a balanced, diversified link profile that’s very natural and real. This is why we have included a highly diverse, but powerful set of diversity links.

Professional Technical SEO Audits

A thorough technical SEO analysis and on-page audit is one of the most important steps of any professional SEO campaign. This is being done in order to find any current issues your website might be having such as crawl errors, excessive redirects, and more.
We also go through hundreds of on-page factors and compare them along with your major competitors to see how you perform in comparison with the top players. This is one of the best methods to optimize your pages instead of sticking to a standard guideline which may or may not work.

If you’re just buying links without an audit, you’d be wasting your money and resources only to find negative results.

The Rank Synergy campaign starts with an extensive citation audit in which we use multiple tools and strategies to build a series of reports such as:

01. Technical SEO Audit Reports
02. On-page Audit Reports ( POP Reports )
03. Competition Analysis Reports
04. Anchor Text Analysis & Our Recommendations

Niche Relevant Link Outreach

Once the target anchors are identified and agreed upon, we will get into the next stage, which is the link building stage. And, getting high quality guest posts published on blogs in your relevant industry is one of the most important techniques we use, as part of this package.

With this service, we will take care of everything involved in the process, including:

01. Research on your niche
02. Prospecting to find potential targets
03. Custom outreach to each link source
04. Pitching post ideas
05. High quality content creation
06. Landing posts with links powering your website

Bear in mind, this is not a standard run through a master list of sites.
Every client is unique, every industry is unique, and so our targets have to be unique as well.

The entire process is fully transparent and we go after new targets each month, so that your website will get links from fresh targets every single month.

Dedicated Private Blogs & Pumper Sites

Our service also comes with high quality dedicated private blogs and multi-page pumper sites, all designed to give you the most ranking power with the help of the contextual links we will be adding on these properties

Major features of the sites we build:

01. Multi - Page, Meaty Sites

We build both the dedicated private blogs and the pumper sites to look more like real websites with multiple unique articles, standard pages, resource pages, legal pages and more.

02. Clean Domains with Clean History

The private blogs are built on domains with a clean history, great link profile and zero spam links going to it. This is being done to make sure that you get the best results out of these links each time.

03. Full Site Setup

The private blogs are built on custom WordPress CMS with both paid and free themes and all necessary plug-ins installed and configured. We also block third party crawlers from these blogs to keep your competitors from spying your link profile.

04. Unique Content

We make sure that unique content is used on these properties and they get indexed quickly, thanks to the indexing support services we use extensively for your links.

More Powerful Links Each Month

Maintaining a diverse link profile for your site is extremely important these days and we’re helping you build it in the most natural way possible. Our ultra-diversity module comes with 100% handmade links from some of the most popular websites in internet.

Tumblr is an excellent source of quality backlinks and we will be publishing posts on aged Tumblr blogs which will get you contextual backlinks to your website from these posts. The key here is to establish topic and anchor relevancy from these various link sources.

The Rank Synergy service comes with a full cycle press release campaign which includes the creation of a professional quality press release and syndicating it to hundreds of media outlets and news/radio/tv channel outlets out there.

Infographics are a great way to convey meaningful, but long lasting messages about your niche and your site. This is being used by hundreds of business owners across the globe, so why not use them to rank your site? We will create these for you and will submit to various directories to get quality links and traffic in return

Our Pricing

This service includes your business analysis, marketing researches and financial planning.

Small Sites


$197/ month

Good for small websites with low competition.

5 Keywords
Advanced Technical Audit
Detailed Keyword Audit
Competition Analysis
2 Niche Relevant Guest Posts
1 Dedicated Private Blog
5 Permanent Home Page Links
5 Premium Pumper Sites
30 Diversity Links
10 Aged Tumblr Posts
PR Campaign - Once in 3 Months
Infographic Campaign - Once in 3 Months
FREE Rank Tracking
Detailed Monthly Reports



$297/ month

Good for medium sized websites with average competition.

10 Keywords
Advanced Technical Audit
Detailed Keyword Audit
Competition Analysis
4 Niche Relevant Guest Posts
2 Dedicated Private Blogs
10 Permanent Home Page Links
10 Premium Pumper Sites
50 Diversity Links
15 Aged Tumblr Posts
PR Campaign - Once in 3 Months
Infographic Campaign - Once in 3 Months
FREE Rank Tracking
Detailed Monthly Reports



$447/ month

Good for large sites targeting high competition keywords

15 Keywords
Advanced Technical Audit
Detailed Keyword Audit
Competition Analysis
6 Niche Relevant Guest Posts
3 Dedicated Private Blogs
15 Permanent Home Page Links
15 Premium Pumper Sites
75 Diversity Links
20 Aged Tumblr Posts
PR Campaign - Once in 3 Months
Infographic Campaign - Once in 3 Months
FREE Rank Tracking
Detailed Monthly Reports

Frequent Questions Answered

Of course, we use unique properties each month and your site will be getting link juice from different domains hosted on different IPs every month. In some months though, we may decide to add more posts to existing pumper sites instead of creating new ones.

As you’d have noticed, this is a monthly service which means we will work for your site every day of the week except on weekends. You will receive reports as soon as we reach the end of each month. Kindly note, link reports are provided only at the end of each month and not in between.

Of course, we do. We will send detailed reports listing down all the links we’ve built for you along with login details wherever they’re available. For the private blog posts though, we will be sending only a partial screenshot report to keep them safe for everyone, including you!

Of course, you can. We will send you the press release for review and once you approve, the PR will be submitted for syndication.

We can work on all the niches except the ones below:
Drugs/illegal stuffs
Escort services
Adult products
Anything scammy.

Sure, please get in touch for samples. You can email us directly and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Yes, you can provide your own content. Please get in touch if you’d like to do that.

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